Google I/O 2014 Dev Conference Highlights: Android Wear, Android Auto, Android TV and Android One

Google I/O 2014 HighlightsGoogle I/O 2014 Developers Conference kicked off today at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. With this occasion we found out new things about Android Wear, Android Auto, the further development of Chromecast and Android TV, and a new initiative, Android One.

Integration through your entire day was the focus on today’s presentations at the Google I/O event. The company is hoping to connect your entire life, from when you wake up to when you go to bed at night, with the Android brand experience.

First up, we have Android Wear. It connects with your Android phone to manually operate features from your wrist. That appears to be it; it is very similar to the Samsung smartwatch, in that it creates an intermediary between you and your phone.

Already, people are commenting about the fact that it essentially just does what your phone can do, but less. Consumers aren’t likely to be any more enthralled with it than other smartwatches currently on the market.

Next, we have Android Auto. It is a device to use your Android through a connected dashboard panel. Admittedly, it is pretty cool. But you could get the same basic functions in a mount for your smartphone…think of it as a slightly more advanced form of that.

The biggest announcement was probably Android TV. This is a set top box (or TV integration) that gives you access to media, from music to movies. Chromecast is also still available, but it seems likely that if Android TV takes off they will begin phasing Chromecast out to focus on their more lucrative product.

Finally, they announced Android One. This is an initiative to give smartphone technology in developing areas, to those otherwise unable to afford them. In India this Fall they will begin by launching a series of smartphones under $100. From there, the number of countries will grow.

This wasn’t the most exciting Google conference, honestly. It was lackluster enough that people on Twitter were completely distracted by the appearance of a number of protesters who kept cutting in at the keynote, and marching outside.

Some were there to speak out against Jack Halprin, who they allege used unlawful methods to evict tenants from property in San Francisco. Others were there protesting Google’s acquisition of a robotics company with a military drone contract. Still others were protesting current security contracts that protester’s claim don’t protect the workers.

Source: Google Blog

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