The battle for graphene patents is tight

GrapheneGraphene is the latest big thing, an atom-thick, flexible material that could change the wave of displays and touchscreen technology. Which is exactly why companies like Google, Apple and Samsung are in a race to snatch up all the patents possible.

So far, the actual use of graphene is a ways off. Even the potential applications are purely theoretical, with most tentative ideas based more around ultra thin devices that can be folded to change the general purpose (think tablets into smartphones, and back again).

It may also provide a real change for wearable devices. While they have improved, such technology is still teetering between function and attractiveness. The ultra-thin, ultra-light graphene would be perfect for such products.

Samsung is currently leading the pack. In the US, they have secure 38 patents and 17 apps using graphene in the title. That is a pretty big haul, considering how early in the game the material is.

But Apple and Google are not likely to be easily fought off. Just imagine Google Glass an atom thick, or iPhones that are so thin and clear in their displays that it is like watching graphics on air.

It will be interesting to see where this goes in the future.

Source: Bloomberg

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