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Samsung announces Galaxy K Zoom, a hybrid Camera-SmartPhone device

Samsung Galaxy K ZoomSamsung has released details on its latest in the Galaxy Zoom line, a device that blends the traditional features of a digital camera with their patented smartphone Galaxy series.

We talked about the Galaxy S4 Zoom last year, a unique smartphone that directly tied the device in with a zoom-lens style digital camera in the back. Now Samsung is releasing the next in that line with the K Zoom following a number of now-confirmed rumors that have been circulating for weeks.

Like they often do, the brand has sought to push the boundaries of features and capabilities. The K Zoom is a much morre powerful version of its predecessor, at least on the camera side.

Technical Specs

The phone itself isn’t that much different than the first Zoom, though its capabilities are higher. The 4.8″ display is just a bit bigger than the S4’s 4.3″, however it has a 1280 x 720 resolution that is a significant increase on the older 960 x 540 rate.

With both a 1.3GHz Quad-Core and 1.7GHz Dual-Core Processor it the graphics should be able to backup the high definition, which is good given their focus on video playback in full HD (1920 x 1080, at 60p). It will only have a rather shockingly low 8GB on-board storage, but a microSD slot can bulk that up to a guaranteed 64GB.

But that isn’t why anyone is interested in the K Zoom…it is all about the camera.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom CameraThis time around, Samsung has gone over the last 16MP and  brought us a 20.7MP camera with 10x zoom. It is quite the jump in quality, even if the front camera for face chat is only 2MP.

Senior Vice President of Mobile Communications Business Sun Hong Lim released a statement, saying:

With the introduction of the Galaxy K zoom, Samsung continues to demonstrate our commitment to creating products that meet the diverse demands of our consumers, said Sun Hong Lim, Senior Vice President of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. The new Galaxy K zoom empowers users to effortlessly capture and share their most important everyday moments in stunning clarity, with the convenience and connectedness of a Galaxy smartphone, for a unique, all-in-one mobile experience.

I am honestly surprised to find out that a new Zoom is being released, having thought the rumors were false. The initial S4 Zoom seemed liek a novelty product. But this release elicits the same reaction from me: if you need a camera with that high a resolution, just buy a camera. Was the S4 Zoom really that popular?

Source: Samsung

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