New report shows apps remain a dominant force in mobile web

Flurry Report Time Spent On Mobile DevicesThe number of people who use their smartphones to access the web has been steadily increasing for years. Now a report from Flurry shows that a great deal of that online mobile interaction is being done through apps, not browsers.

No one who has been watching the steady increase in app popularity will be surprised by this news. Apps remain the primary reason that people buy smartphones, and billions of apps are downloaded every year.

What kind of applications are making up the bulk of these downloads? Flurry breaks it down:

  • Games (Free and Paid) – 32%
  • Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, ect) – 28%
  • Entertainment (YouTube, Pandora, ect) – 8%
  • Utilities (Flashlight, Battery Savers, ect) – 8%
  • Productivity (Organizers, Time Trackers, ect) – 4%

That might seem rather low for productivity, though it has doubled from its numbers last year. It shows that people are slowly, but surely, catching on to using their smartphones and tablets for work and life organizing activities.

What does this mean? Not much, really.  Browsers exist and are used, but apps remain king. Which isn’t anything we weren’t already aware of.

It is that look at what people are doing with the mobile apps that is really interesting. Obviously, personal and fun uses are the primary reasons people download and use apps. Which is odd, considering how many people have adopted the devices for business purposes.

Source: Flurry

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