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Android Wear signals the start of the SmartWatch revolution

Google Android WearI was very happy yesterday when I heard that Android finally took the decision to announce Android Wear OS and signal if it wasn’t clear enough that this is the start of the SmartWatch revolution. Motorola and LG apparently understood this signal and didn’t hesitate to show us how the first Android SmartWatches will look like.

After experiencing with smartphones, tablets and laptops it appears that Google wanted to go further on watches, making them smart. The good thing is that Android Wear looks like a polished operating system and this is why it might be interesting after all. I guess Matias Duarte team also had ideas here and there.

At first Android Wear focuses on health and fitness with “real-time speed, distance and time information on your wrist for your run, cycle or walk”. As expected Google Now is a important feature on Android Wear and you can interact with your smartwatch by saying “Ok Google”. By using only your voice you can perform tasks like “calling a taxi, sending a text, making a restaurant reservation or setting an alarm” and much more. Once the developers start working, the possibilities are endless.

Besides Google Now, Android Wear is also focused on displaying the “latest posts and updates from your favorite social apps, chats from your preferred messaging apps, notifications from shopping, news and photography apps” right when you need them and in an unobtrusive way.

For start Google is working with manufacturers like Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung, but it also making sure to aim all watch lovers by announcing that fashion brands like Fossil will release Android Wear smartwatches later this year.

I’m sure we’ll be getting more updates about Android Wear and how it performs in the real world during Google I/O 2014 which will take place from June 25th to 26th.

Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatchFor start, it appears that the watch used in Google’s videos is indeed the Moto 360 SmartWatch, built and designed by Motorola. According to Motorola, Moto 360 SmartWatch will be available this Summer worldwide and will come in a variety of styles. From the video Motorola showed us, their smartwatch is by far the best smart watch form factor idea I’ve seen so far. It’s round, like a watch once was and it’s built by premium materials which adds style and comfort at the same time.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post LG is also working with Google to create a SmartWatch called G Watch, which is rectangular, similar in a way with Pebble design. It’s not that beautiful as it’s the Moto 360, but it’s a start. It’s the start of the smartwatch revolution.

Source: Google Blog, Android Developers Blog

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