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IDC: Smartphone sales reached 1 Billion in 2013

Girl PhoneFor the first time ever smartphone sales have reached a billion in a single year, as the final reports for 2013 come in and the numbers are crunched.

It is an indication of how more affordable smartphones, such as cheap Android run devices from multiple manufacturers has impacted the market. But it isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been watching the growing number of smartphone owners over the years, as every year sales figures continued to climb.

The report was released by technology market analyzers International Data Corporation (IDC). Mobile Phone Research Manager Ramos Llamas pointed out the incredible jump in smartphone use in just two years:

Total smartphone shipments reached 494.4 million units worldwide in 2011, and doubling that volume in just two years demonstrates strong end-user demand and vendor strategies to highlight smartphones.

We have been seeing a lot more focus lately on lower to mid range smartphones that allow consumers an alternative to the high priced models that continue to be popular today. Even Apple got on board, releasing two different cheap sets in the iPhone 5s (mid range), and the iPhone 5c (low end). The iPhone 5s became one of the all time most popular Apple devices, and is still selling strong thanks to its high end features with a much cheaper price tag.

The IDC report also broke down top five worldwide smartphone vendors from 2013. In first place was Samsung, which is leading the way in global smartphone shipments. Number two was Apple, which used it’s 5s and 5c releases to drive sales heavily in the second half of the fiscal year. Third was Huawei, which had its highest year on increase of all global mobile providers, while on the fourth place came LG.

But most surprising was position five, taken by Lenovo. Despite being known almost exclusively for their computer technology in North America and Europe, they have reached fourth place in mobile sales due entirely to their growing popularity in emerging markets.

While some issues are cropping up for the smartphone industry, such as security of data and privacy for users, they have come to be a standard part of daily life. The number of sales will continue to grow in 2014, and with the success of cheap devices you can bet you will see a lot more in the coming twelve months.

Source: IDC

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  1. These days peoples are addicted to smart phone.

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