Samsung announces Galaxy NotePro and TabPro tablets

Samsung Galaxy NotePROExciting news for Samsung fans as the brand has announced the NotePRO and TabPRO, the latest tablets of the Samsung Galaxy series. The devices were unveiled at the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

In all, there will be four tablet to choose from. The NotePRO 12.2″, and three TabPRO models at 12.2″, 10.1″, and 8.4″. All types will have an impressive 2560×1600 resolution, with 16:10 ratio widescreen display. Showing Samsung’s continued desire to lead the way in high definition screens, something they have already regularly shown in their mobile phones and past tablets.

The interface is what has been getting a lot of traction in the media, however. It will be using Magazine UX, broken down into multiple, customizable widgets for ease of access and a more intuitive desktop design. But it isn’t the standard Android look, creating something unique to Samsung. It also has multi-window viewing.

Tech Specs

The processor for the both the TabPRO and the NotePRO is what you would expect, using a Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz Quadcore chip. Add that to the 3GB of RAM and you can count on smooth performance and the hardware to make the most of that resolution.

Each also have 64 GB of on board storage, but you can apply more with an SD card of up to an additional 64 GB. This makes it a nice all-in-one multimedia device,, especially for those who like to stream or download video content.

Samsung Galaxy TabPROI would say the only downside to these tablets is really the size. If you go for the smaller TabPRO’s, you are pretty much getting a standard tablet. But when you go for the 10″ or above – especially the 12.2″ model – the thing is huge.

Yes, it looks good. The screen resolution is incredible, and I can see plenty of applications for designers and artists using the S Pen. But let’s be real, here…don’t people buy a tablet because it is on the smaller end? If you wanted something of that size, why not just buy a high performance laptop? This is the exact same thing, but without the keyboard.

That might be my natural cynicism once again. But I can’t help but feel Samsung Galaxy Tablets falling into their usual trap of going for the flash over the substance. Especially when you consider the fact that it weight 1.6 pounds, and is too cumbersome to easily hold with one hand. You have to lay it on a desktop to use it properly, anyway.

Give me efficiency any day.

Source: Samsung

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