LG and Samsung plan to release curved HD TV’s at CES 2014

Samsung CURVED UHD 2014Manufacturers LG and Samsung have both revealed that they will be releasing enormous HD TV’s in the coming year. Both will be higher definition than other models on the market, and will feature curved screens.

According to both companies, which released statements this morning, they are launched the first ever 105″, HD TV’s with curved screens. Amusingly, they are both claiming this victory as their own, despite the two models unveiling on the same day, during the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas. So there will be two “first ever” 105″ curved HD TV’s, technically.

Not only are the basic functions the same, but so are most of the features. The screen type is the same, relying on the curved screen technology they have been implementing into other products as a major selling point. Both are also going to provide an astonishing 11 millio pixels, rather than the industry standard of two million. The aspect ratio of the screen will be 21:9, rather than 16:9. Add those two points together and you will have a very high definition television, indeed.

Both of these are cutting edge, high end devices. The average consumer won’t have much use for it, because of the size (not suited for the most living rooms), and the price. While they have not released details on the official price tag, we can guess that it will be in the tens of thousands.

For reference, Samsung’s largest model currently is an 85″ HD television that costs $39,999, a savings (they claim) of $5,000. Putting the suggested retail at $44,999. LG, as a less expensive brand, sells an 85″ HD 3D television with six pairs of 3D glasses for $16,999.

Taking into account the size and the increased definition of this upcoming model, we can predict two things. One, the price of the two above models are going to go down by a percentage as focus is put on the latest gadget. And two, the 105″ is probably going to be double the cost of either.

We will be able to see these puppies for ourselves, along with demonstrations and full spec releases, during the CES event in January. Until then, we can read all about it with the knowledge that pretty much no one checking out this story is going to be buying either of the beasts.

But anyone who does is going to be getting a truly intense experience as they watch their Tivo’d episodes of Duck Dynasty.

Sources: Samsung, LG

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