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Rumour: Apple’s curved iPhone might be seen next years

Apple EmployeesAccording to sources close to the project, Apple is apparently planning to manufacture a curved iPhone soon. It follows a growing trend already utilized by several competing smartphone manufacturers.

It will only a matter of time before Apple jumped on this bandwagon, a trend which looks like it is here to stay. Curved smartphone screens are the new “in” tech feature, with Samsung, LG and others already releasing their own products with their unique versions.

The rumors are only just that, with no details confirmed as of yet. But those same sources claim that new iPhones are going to feature larger screens that curve downward at the edges. It would be slightly different than other brands, such as Samsung’s screen that curves inward, or LG’s curve that is meant to simulate the shape of a human face.

Unlike other phones, this one isn’t going to be so much based around novelty. Other models have so far been centered on the curve itself, while the features are standard to all smartphones being released in the high end range.

But this would be Apple’s curved iPhone, so Apple knows their market. Instead of promoting it based on that curve, it will just be an additional feature to add into the already beloved iPhone line. The fact that a new version is being released will mean a lot more than what they choose to do for updates, though the new design will lend itself to the hype.

That fact means that Apple is dealing with an immediate winner. They have nothing to lose, yet they are following by a trend that most people agree is both logical and positive in the overall design of smartphones everywhere. Yet, they are still one of the early adopters, if not the first. Meaning they can use case studies from Samsung and LG for the development of their own version.

Honestly, this is one of the few upgrades in design that really excites me, within the mobile industry. Phones have been getting slimmer, but that is nothing new. For years, brands created smaller phones that had to change once we moved into digital media and needed the screen size. So the thinner aspect seems more of the same.

The curve, on the other hand, makes sense. I have always been annoyed by the straight design of the smartphones, which aren’t as comfortable to use as old fashioned phones.

I guess it appeals to my nostalgia.

Source: Bloomberg

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