The mysterious Google barge will be a floating gadget showroom

Google Barge ShowroomA week ago, a mysterious barge owned by Google began construction. It led to a great deal of speculation about what it could possibly be used for, with many thinking it would be some kind of data storage facility. But news has come that it will be a showroom for Google X related projects and gadgets to come in the future.

It is an interesting idea. The barge is made up of nine shipping containers of forty feet each. These can be moved as needed to create a whole new floor plan for events, interchangeable and customizable. But top and stretching across the entire vessel will be a party deck for socializing during these launches.

The barge will be host to exclusive parties and showcases for Google projects that are invite only. A move that is sure to generate interest every time invites go out to the elite on their guest lists.

People close to the construction say that the idea was finalized a year ago. But problems with the coast guard after it was labeled a vessel meant delays while they assured they met federal safety regulations. Requests media have made to the Coast Guard for information have been denied.

“Regardless of the company or entity involved, the Coast Guard has an obligation to protect sensitive proprietary information, as a company’s competitive posture and business interests depend on it,” Lt. Anna Dixon said in a released statement.

This isn’t the first time Google has been a part of something secretive in their operations. Google X is a research facility near their corporate headquarters. It has been the source of many rumors.

Source: CBS

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