The new iPad Mini retina display could be made by Samsung

Apple iPad Mini HandRumors about the new iPad Mini are everywhere right now. Because Apple constantly changes their designs right up to the release date, it is hard to say what will be true by the time they hit the market. But one possibility seems more likely than the others. Sources say Samsung has been asked to provide high resolution retina displays.

Currently the iPad Mini uses LG Display and Sharp screens, both Japanese companies that are probably going to be retained for the newest model. But the Korean company Samsung is said to be joining the line, ensuring Apple has all the screens it needs in the lead up to the release.

If this is true, the resolution on the iPad Mini would be a lot higher than it is now. Making it a better contender for other products currently hitting shelves like the Nexus 7.

This is a kind of funny collaboration, as Apple and Samsung have been feuding over markets and design and quite some time. But it does show that the US based tech giant is starting to feel the heat.

With so many products being launched in the tablet (and mini tablet) arena, it is going to be a lot harder for them to stay on top. Add in the improved features from their biggest rivals Windows and Google, and the way even companies like Amazon are starting to make a grab for media focused devices and they should be sweating.

An AU Optronics manager said that his company “cannot take [Apple’s] orders because our rate of output efficiency is too low to be profitable”. That’s interesting because it means Samsung is putting a little pressure on Apple to use Retina Display, though I doubt Apple would listen and follow their wish. Previously, we heard that only in 2014 we should be able to see an iPad Mini with Retina Display. I guess it’s not hard to wait 2 more months and see what happens with the next iPad Mini.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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