Voice Recognition ‘Dragon’ Android app adds new Features

Dragon Mobile Assistant AppThe popular mobile assistant app Dragon has been updated with a number of new features, including voice composition for email, and audio notifications that can read you incoming messages.

Nuance Communications has regularly launched updates for its most beloved management app. But this time around, they seem to have extended the capabilities of the program more than ever before.

The old features will still be available, such as unlimited text-to-speech or speech-to-text. But now they will also have dictation for email clients to allow voice composition, voice alerts that tell you when you have a new message, calendar appointment, social media updates, email, and a customized word that will “wake up” Dragon for use.

Probably the most interesting feature is Driver Mode with Auto Switching. This is an auto-detect for when you are in the car, that will immediately put you into hands-free mode. Everything can then be accessed or used through voice commands, so you never have to look at your screen.

This new mode is an obvious attempt to limit the increasing problem of automobile accidents related to texting, online browsing and using other apps while driving. Nuance hopes to minimize the need for people to glance at their screens while on the road, lessening distractions that can be fatal.

One downside to this feature is the inability for the app to distinguish whether a person is driving or in the passenger seat. If the passenger has Dragon switched on and it goes into auto mode, it could begin reading messages out loud. I am sure you can see why this might lead to some embarrassing situations.

Still, the intent behind Driver Mode is good, and the concept itself is exciting. You can always switch off the app if you don’t want to risk your updates being announced to the car at large.

As for the effectiveness of the feature, it is impossible to say if it will limit car accidents. However, it does offer an alternative to those people who can’t seem to stay off their phones, or for long trips where it might be harder not to check for updates. Limiting the amount of time people take their eyes off the road seems to be a good idea.

With many voice recognition services I would question their wording when using email dictation. But I have used Dragon myself, and it does tend to be pretty accurate with other speech-to-text functions. It will be fun to check these new updates out.

Source: Dragon Mobile Apps

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