The curious case of Google’s Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook PixelIt happened few hours ago and we were all shocked: an ad company called Slinky was under attack and hackers exposed one of their most precious things – the ad video of the next Google Chromebook called Pixel.

Hoax or not the tech world immediately burst to talk about this subject. Some of them were excited to see the video and how Chromebook Pixel looked like while other were skeptical. Frankly, I would like to stay at the same place with skeptical, since it’s not the first time a product/video leak around the web.

On a first look, I have to say the Chromebook Pixel concept looks cool enough to get your eyes and makes you want to find out more. If this i’s what Google is developing right now, almost every tech enthusiast is happy to see it exposed. Although the design looks very close with a Macbook Pro, Google’s laptop is a little bit different. Or so they say in the ad. It appears it comes with a touchscreen that supports a 2560 x 1700 resolution.

And than the ad shouts “Designed by Google. Down to the last pixel.” which makes you think if we’re somehow witnessing something special and Google put again their engineers at work and ultimately they come up with this beautiful design. The problem is that Slinky ad agency looks a little bit strange. It’s very hard to find their previous work and that’s why I doubt Google would hand them such a big task. When the ad company find out they were hacked, their CEO posted a message on Google+ which was forwarded to Sergey Brin and the guy that posted this video first on the Internet – François Beaufort.

On the other side François Beaufort says that Chromebook Pixel exists and it’s currently tested by Google. He also suggest that this might be the upcoming Google Link project. More than this, other leakers say this Chromebook Pixel or Link laptop will be running Android apps. So it should be an interesting device.

And finaly, this is how the next Google Chromebook Pixel (or Link) laptop should look like (if that’s true).
Android Authority

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