Vestguard UK will release the iPad ballistic cover

ballistic ipad coverIf there is a need for a product, no matter how vague, someone will create a solution for it. So what happens if you need access to a tablet in an area where it might get shot at?

Well there is a new product from VestGuard UK that looks to solve that exact problem for you! They specialize in making personal body armor that is generally used by non-military in war zones, military, and has other various applications so they know how to keep people (and things) safe in a hostile environment.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a member of the armed forces, police, reporter, or 3rd world country dictator – your iPad is now safe from bullets being fired at you! I’m kidding on the 3rd world country dictator of course.

This protective case is made of a “cutting edge uni-directional aramid fibers processed to a high tolerance in VestGuard’s state of the art facility” that will allow it to stop bullets from destroying your iPad when under fire. Well the downside though is that it can stop anything up to a 9mm handgun and “that’s it.” (I’m sure if anyone is having their iPad shot at by a 9mm handgun though will be very happy to have this case surrounding it!) As they specialize in body armor this type of ‘armor’ is what they specialize in though it is their first stab at a tablet case. Still, there aren’t a lot of options out there for the personal defense of your electronics so if you do worry about them that much this will soon be the most realistic solution for your needs.

Currently this iPad case is so new that there is not even a release date scheduled for it nor is it even listed on their website. It is scheduled to be available ‘soon’ though and this month’s official press release hasn’t hit the website yet so I believe it’s safe to say that when the next round of products become available in the near future that we’ll be seeing this one up for sale. My guess? This is going to be a huge seller for the press that covers war zones as well as military who are able, or have to, have an iPad with them. The case appears to be aimed at just the iPad market and does not appear to be for Android devices. With the non-standardized form factor of Android tablets it’s doubtful a set one will be created though we’ll see in time if one is made available that will hold Android 10 and 7 inch tablets.

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