Sony to release VAIO T ultrabook this month

Sony VAIO T UltrabookSONY is making a lot of noise this week with the release of its Vaio T Ultrabook model.

Of course SONY is going to hype this model through the roof and with good reason as it’s loaded with neat things the modern day laptop user needs. The hype appears to work because just reading about the specs and goodies you just want to leap out and run to the store and buy one.

Let’s take a look at the specs and we’ll have a better idea of what this new SONY VAIO laptop has to offer. It’s getting props for being thin and lightweight, tough and sturdy with a chassis consisting of aluminum and magnesium. It reportedly has a 9 hour battery with a Rapid Wake feature that basically once you open the laptop it starts working. None of that long winded adventure of starting up. Also this feature allows for shutting down quick or keeping the system in hibernation. An LED screen measuring 11 inches or 13 inches and audio that has xLOUD and Clear Phase.

Knowledgeable aficionados will perk up right away at these details but there’s even more to this laptop. Being the first Ultrabook to carry the VAIO name there’s a lot riding on the performance. First of all it’s small enough to carry around easily and store easily. You can slip it in your book bag or backpack and be on your way. As for the Rapid Wake and Eco tools you’ll be happy to see that when you close the lid the computer goes into energy-efficient mode or deep sleep and your information stays stored for up to 90 days without power loss.

Inside this beautiful laptop, you’ll find an Intel Core i3 processor(Sandy Bridge) along 4GB of RAM and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU. The models that have the SSD flash drive(320GB) really pack the power curve at ten times faster than a standard hard disk drive.Sony Ultrabook VAIO T Series

Since we are discussing about tech specs let’s not forget about the connectivity features: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, VGA, RJ45 and an SD/MMC media slot. There’s a built in webcam, an Exmor for PC that is and the picture of the screen is just cheerfully colorful and bright. One of the other features that is really space age is the charger procedure for the VAIO T Series with their ‘any time’ charger for your smartphone of choice. You can just plug your phone via USB even when the laptop is turned off.

Now here’s some extra cool stuff for your VAIO laptop. If it gets lost or stolen it’s got a 90 day trial of Intel Anti Theft Service that protects your personal data. It’s actually built into the hardware of your computer. It can reportedly detect potential theft and secure your computer so no harm befalls you.

Basically this new model of VAIO has been designed to accommodate your every move with this laptop. Teaming up with other companies for better use and performance all around makes this version of the SONY line more of a champion than earlier models. It’s fast, full of state of the art goodies that make it a perfect pal around computing companion.

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