The rise of the Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble SmartwatchPebble is the name of the smartwatch that has become one of the biggest success stories on Kickstarter, and not only. People will be beating down the door for this smart watch, because it will work both for iPhone and Android

The main characteristic of Pebble is that it can accept apps for iPhone and Android and you can program itself to control both devices via Wi-Fi. It’s like something out of the old “Jetsons” television cartoon where people had all sorts of amazing gadgets like flying cars and robot dogs.

So far this product has over 66,000 backers and has raised over $10 million bucks where they originally needed $100,000. Needless to say the public has gone crazy for this watch as it allows for more convenience and control over our smartphones. Not only that but it’s a real watch with an e-paper face, it comes in several colors, is lightweight and has far more goodies inside.

One of the latest improvement Pebble got is Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, so those who have pre-ordered Pebble will get the e-ink watch on time in September with this new feature. Even if Bluetooth will not be enabled out of the box, it will be turned on through a software update. If you missed out on the first wave of Pebbles then just hold on. So far they’ve gotten 76,000 Pebbles sold and only 10,000 left so you had better hustle up if you want one, because according to Kickstarter there are only 6 days before the funding ends. The prices for a Pebble smartwatch start from $99 and go up until $10,000 or more(where you can get 100 Pebbles in any color – Arctic White, Cherry Red, Voter’s choice or Jet Black).

Having maxed out their pledges and getting the attention of the news worldwide you’ll see these watches popping up in September, if the company keeps their promises. So far, Pebble smartwatch project showed us that startups are unpredictable and anyone can make it through with a little luck and a lot of innovation.

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