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Barnes & Noble’s Nook E-Readers will feature NFC soon

Nook ColorBarnes & Noble’s CEO William Lynch announced that the company will be adding NFC ( near-field communication) to their Nook e-reader platforms.

He also put some more icing on the cake by announcing that B&N is dry as a bone because the Barns & Noble Simple Touch with Glowlight has sold out. This sure has eyes bugging out across the tech and book world as Lynch goes on to say what other goodies the NFC chips will do with their Nook e-readers.

William Lynch┬ásays they’ll be embedding the NFC chips into their books. Barnes & Noble will work with the publishers to have the chips embedded into the hardcover versions that includes the editorial reviews.

You’ll be able to go to any Barnes & Noble and use your device on any of their books and pics and more to get information about the products. That’s like shopping with an extra kick. You can waltz around the store and get more info on the books and products which should be entertaining in itself.

The new idea might be implemented this year Mr. Lynch says.

If you’re unfamiliar with Near-Field technology it’s basically an embedded chip that communicates over short-range distances. The connections are secure and makes things more convenient.

This is a step in the right direction with Barnes & Noble because it shows that they’re willing to go the distance to provide innovative technologies to enhance your shopping experience and expand their brand. That’s highly important given that other book store chains have come and gone. Barnes & Noble has continued to survive and with this new approach using NFC they’re going to open up new doors and keep their stores thriving. Lynch is hedging his bet with Barnes & Noble by searching out to see what new and innovative technologies and approaches they can acquire to expand and bring in higher equitable results.

Barnes & Noble fans can now get their books and other products but you’ll have to be on your toes as these new technologies might change at any minute. On top of that you just don’t know what Lynch and Barnes & Noble will do. Should someone come up with some new tech that fits what Barnes & Noble could use to exploit you can bet they’ll jump on it if it brings better service to their customers and a bigger lift to their bottom line.

Now Barnes & Noble can sit clean and wait to see what happens. They’re ready to take on the tech world as well as secure to their customer base that they on top of things. Markets will be watching to see what happens next as well. Should Barnes and Noble come up with a way to expand on their customer base using new technologies and strategies it will turn out that they’ll have shown resourcefulness and create an even bigger impact on several markets. So stay tuned to find out what happens with Barnes & Noble over the coming year. It should be quite an adventure seeing how they stay above water.

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