AT&T plans to launch Digital Life Home Automation and Security System

AT&T Digital LifeYou may call it the age of Big Brother or a smart way for AT&T to bring in the new age of smart security, but the company has eyes on selling a new home security service that they feel might put ADT on the competitor’s edge.

Like something out of a futuristic movie, AT&T’s home security service allows users to be the Peeping Toms of their own homes utilizing cameras and do neat things like adjust the temperature of their homes and other cool goodies ranging from adjusting the home’s lighting and other things. Knowing the way kids can interface computer systems you can bet there’s going to be some astonishing configurations that even AT&T hasn’t expected yet.

And you’ll be doing this with a computer or your smartphone.

How’s that for the pinnacle of today’s super technology. Well you could have seen it all at the International CTIA Wireless event in New Orleans. The display of the new AT&T service is called the Digital Life. This is how it competes with ADT because the new AT&T “Digital Life” also has a 24 hour security call in center!

If you have a high speed Internet connection you’ll be able to participate in this service and it will have trials in the next several months reportedly in Dallas and Atlanta.

The bottom line for this is that AT&T is looking at the smart end of things. They realize the growing need for the home security market and know they’ve got quite the amount of technology and manpower already in place. It would have been negligent for them not to move into this realm and they’re doing so very smartly.

They’re taking advantage of the cool smartphone and tablet market and new digital cameras that continue to improve in efficiency. With new apps and other technologies to bring about greater modification, AT&T is looking on the brightside of things and for the college student or apartment owner and especially the home owner as this is going to be a highly affordable system that you can access and adjust from anywhere. If you’re out at the cafe and you’re enjoying yourself you can peek in on the domicile and see what the cat or puppy is doing or if the hamsters are exercising.

If you’re at work you can drop in and say hi at the family and get a bird’s eye view of the goings on around the home making it just fine to go back to work with no worries. With the computing available to people nowadays there’s no telling what developers, enthusiastic kids and owners will do with this system. There may be new things associated as time goes on much like in the smartphone industry. New apps that allow for cameras in the fishbowl or turning on the coffee and feeding the cat or even starting the vacuum cleaner and other devices. It’s going to be entertaining at how AT&T’s “Digital Life” stands up to customer’s ingenuity.

AT&T is surely going to have some fun with this new product and so will you.

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