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Is Google’s new Privacy Policy Justifying Expansion ?

Google Eyes LogoLately, you might have seen ads for things similar to your recent searches cropping up around the search results area. These ads can turn a person paranoid, quickly. Who has been taking note of my searches and why are they using it to target me again?

All the Google products you use can and will be used against you by the Google court of marketing. They will take it and shape ads targeted at trends they find in your personal data and personal correspondence. So if you write home to grandma that you like the new BMW that just came out, do not be shocked to see an ad for that same BMW popup beside your next Google searches. Google will be reading your letters to grandma. The really terrible part of it is that you cannot opt out.

Alma Whitten, director of privacy policies at Google, finally admits to the evil the company has already perpetrated on the public, but has denied for so long. She uses it as justification for continuing the practice. In essence, her argument is that since Google has gotten away with evil practices so far, they should be allowed to continue and no one should complain. She only confesses one shortcoming. Google has not been allowed to integrate your YouTube and search histories into the mix, until now. They claim they are doing it now in order to be consistently evil. Now we can all sleep at night, can’t we?

I read on several forums that when people often criticize Google, they shut down their Google Adsense account without notice or explanation. Still, no one knows if this is true or not, but nothing it’s impossible. At this moment, Google is not for either freedom of speech or consumer protection. Their track record proves that.

Certainly Google realizes they are doing wrong. That is why they try to twist the whole thing into a “We’re trying to provide better services” crap instead of the truth about manipulating you with ads more accurately. They swear they do not deal in human (info) trafficking that directly identifies any individual. That skirts the issue, though. Identifying a computer you are using is technically not identifying you as an actual person. However, it is still perpetrating the wickedness on the user nonetheless. Google is still manipulating the user of that computer based on behavioral use of it in their multitude of services. Besides, when has reading email not been a practice of identifying an individual? They have every little personal detail about you from it.

Google argues that you don’t have to sign in, if you don’t want to be tracked. However, if you have a Gmail account set up in an email program, such as Thunderbird, then every time Thunderbird checks your email (even automatically every so many minutes) your browsing activities are recorded in Google if you happen to be browsing at that moment. We proved the concept and it is frightening, since the average user could not predict this side-effect.

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