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iPad 3 Rumors: Specs, Design and Other Things

iPad 3 Retina Display

With the iPad 3 release date rumored to be sometime at the beginning of March, many people are craving to know the nitty gritty details, but Apple has been holding out for the most part. A few spec leaks here and there have teased us and kept us searching for more so we decided to compile for those of you who are looking for a compilation of rumors and leaks, we have them all here for you!

We’ve split the rumors into three different categories: specifications, visual, and other. The spec rumors will feature all of the various details about the hardware and software while the visual section will contain iPad 3 design rumors. Lastly, the other section will contain various release date rumors and miscellaneous rumors.


  • Display – A tantalizing rumor floating about is the fact that the new display will be a Sharp Retina Display that will match the clarity of the iPhone 4. This display will be a fantastic 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution that will make it almost irresistible.
  • Camera – one of the biggest gripes of the iPad 2 is the cameras. Honestly, they are simply terrible. The cameras are so pixelated and fuzzy its crazy to think that you paid so much money for a device with such a lacking feature. The new iPad 3 rumors are saying that the new cameras will be up to par with the 8mp cameras on the iPhone 4’s.
  • Processor – one of the most the rumor that everyone wish to come true is about the new processor. If iPad 2 came with A5 dual core processor, now everyone expects that iPad 3 will feature a quad-core A6 processor.
  • Internet – a common rumor is that the new iPad will run on 4G networks enabling incredibly fast speeds with instantaneous results.
  • Siri – like the updated iPhone 4S the new iPad is rumored to have Siri integrated into it which will be a big seller.
  • Battery – the battery on the new iPad is supposed to be much thinner and lighter than the one on the previous model unfortunately this upgrade will definitely come at a significantly increased price.


  • Same as iPad 2 – a somewhat disconcerting rumor flying about (and backed up by sources) is the fact that the new iPad 3 will be the exact same looking as the iPad 2.
  • Thickness – one Chinese manufacturer is already producing iPad 3 covers because they got a leak on the fact that the iPad 3 will be the same size except for the thickness. Apparently, the new iPad is supposed to be a tad thicker than the previous model however the rest of the dimensions are identical.


  •  iPad 2S – when the iPhone 4S came out it stunned the masses and angered a great many since everyone was anticipating the release of the iPhone 5. Since the iPad 3 is rumored to be the exact same looking as iPad 2 many believe that it will just be a few updated specs  and it will be given the title iPad 2S.
  • Models – some state that there will be multiple models in varying price ranges available for the new iPad 3 (or 2S).
  • 3D – while many of the previous 3D devices have failed last year the rumors state that the new iPad may have 3D technology that doesn’t involve glasses.

Even if Apple tends to hide quite well all their future releases, the latest rumor about iPad 3 indicates that it will be announced during a special event on March 7th. The previous version, iPad 2 was announced by Steve Jobs last year on March 2.


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