Google being hit from all over the Globe by law enforcement

Google LogoAs the largest search engine on the web Google has and will continue to be in the spotlight both for good and bad reasons. Despite being a company ran with the customer’s ease of use at the forefront, not everyone thinks that Google’s intentions are benign. With their size and popularity Google has become a rather big target for law enforcement and those looking to point the finger and scrutinize.

Governments across the globe have been constantly fighting the persistent online privacy and piracy issues however their biggest target, our beloved search engine, is still causing them problems. In this article we will examine the three various stances that Google is taking in opposition to various claims and what holes there are in Google’s arguments.

1. Google is not a monopoly and should not be held to any special obligations under the antitrust law

Google is currently in a heated battle with multiple governments and unions on antitrust issues however it still hasn’t been ruled yet by the European Union on whether or not Google is a monopoly. In other countries, specifically South Korea, Google is facing somewhat different antitrust violations.

Before a raid done by South Korea Google deleted all relevant files, removed Internet access to the offices, and also stated that all employees work from home on the day of the raid. This defiant move by Google has greatly angered the South Korean government and now the government is debating on charges and fines against Google for their noncooperation.

In other countries there are also allegations that Google is ranking their properties top in searches while ensuring that competitor’s properties are buried deep in the search ranks.

2. Google‘s new privacy policy revisions are not ultimatums to users.

Google has a privacy policy that some think is a monopoly because it is a “take it or leave it approach” that doesn’t properly serve users. Since Google refused to comply with the European Union’s request (EU represents 27 countries) to delay their privacy policy, the EU and others are working on investigating this policy because if users do not comply with the policy then there is no other choice but for them to drop all of Google services.

3. Google is not threatening with their patent enforcement policy.

Ever since Google acquired Motorola many feared that Google would then “abuse” Motorola’s patents. However patents are in place to protect intellectual property so if Google were to protect their newly acquired property then I’m not sure why that’s of particular concern. Their real concern is the fact that Google will merge Motorola’s patents and use them in conjunction with Android’s patents.

Overall Google has been facing fierce battles on all fronts on a variety of different issues. Whether its privacy issues or even issues on their services, governments around the globe are working against Google in an attempt to bring them to justice. Despite the continued pressure Google has maintained their composure, stood up against various unions and governments, and continued to strive ahead without missing a step.

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