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Why Facebook is too Cluttered ?

Facebook is ClutteredTake a look at your Facebook account (yes we’re assuming you have an account because the majority of the living/breathing world has one) and really look at your friends list. If you are an average Facebook user you probably have a good couple hundred friends eagerly waiting to have their feeds littered with your posts and in turn littering your feeds with their posts as well.

This nonsensical circle of littering is making Facebook unbearable for some users – the annoyance at having to look filter their feeds, to sift through hundreds of friends to find a particular name, and to be spammed with crappy invites and requests all the time is turning some people away from Facebook and onto more sophisticated social networking platforms.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site by far and it has completely changed the way people interact with others. In the beginning many people were excited and felt empowered by receiving friend requests and sending their own out. To see the number of friends on your account continuously growing each day probably felt good….more than that, it probably felt great. Like an addiction many of us continuously clicked the “add friend” button or clicked the “accept” button  even if it was just for people we had met the night before and probably would never socialize with again!

Now Facebook is completely comprised of different notifications and each friend that your account has accumulated over the years adds a little more to your notification spam. So what to do?

Well many people will first think “Hey I’m going to just delete them all!” Well, sorry, but unless you only have five spam Facebook friends then you are going to be spending a LOT of time deleting them. Next, people consider simply deleting accounts; however this too is rather impractical due to the amount of pictures and information on the previous account. Fortunately you have two solutions left; beg Facebook for the ability to quickly purge your friends list or put up with it.

Let’s face it, there is no sustainable competition to Facebook right now and there likely won’t be. Facebook has social networking in the bag and it’s not going to let its greedy paws off of it. Users can migrate over to places like Google + and other mostly unheard of social sites, however the chances they will remain active decrease significantly if none of their friends are on there.

So if you’re left with putting up with the spam you can do more than just sit by idly. Just like with losing weight your Facebook friends list can lose a few pounds and the only way you’re going to achieve that is by steady work. Each time you log onto Facebook try to find a small handful of people that are truly nobody important to you then defriend them! After about a month or two your Facebook friends list will be leaner than ever!

So what’s your Facebook like? Is it just an overcrowded mosh pit of people that you hardly know because you added everyone and their brother at the start, or is your friend list composed of people you’ve actually met before and like? Would you want a do-over – a chance to use a mass delete button and then re-add those people that truly matter? Let us know!

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