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Sony, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel and more will hold press events during CES 2012

CES 2012CES 2012 kicks off this week and we are more than happy to report from there. This is the first major event of the year and a lot of important companies will hold press conferences or keynotes to announce the gadgets of 2012: tablets, laptops, ultrabooks, mobile phones and TVs and much more. CES 2012 will take place as usual in Las Vegas, Nevada during January 8-10. This is the official Schedule:

January 8:

– Acer (Press Conference): 01.30 PM

– CES Unveiled (Official Press Event): 04.00 PM

– Toshiba (CES Party): 06.30 PM

January 9:

– LG (Press Conference): 8:00 AM

– AT&T (Developer Summit): 9:00 AM

– Samsung (Press Conference): 2:00 PM

– Nokia (Press Conference): 3:00 PM

– NVIDIA (Press Conference): 4:00 PM

– Sony (Press Conference): 5:00 PM

– Microsoft (Steve Ballmer, keynote): 6:30 PM

– Pepcom (Digital Experience): 7:00 PM

January 10:

– Qualcomm (Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, keynote): 8:30 AM

– Intel (Paul Otellini, keynote): 4:30 PM

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