Microsoft revamps the Windows Store User Experience

Windows Store User Experience AnatomyAt the CES earlier this month Windows unveiled a few demo aspects about their new Store experience and it looked impressive. Now they are finally taking the liberty of describing the entire Store customer experience from simple browsing to searching the catalog and even updating/roaming apps.

The Windows Store was built on the idea that customer experience was the key. They wanted to ensure that people could find apps easily and acquire them just as easily. With that in mind they took that simple goal and applied it to a massive and diverse catalog that encompassed the entire Windows Store. As you continue reading you will learn more about each various aspect of the Windows Store User Experience.

Landing Page

The landing page of the Windows Store is minimal and simply brings the apps to the front and allows the apps to capture your interest. The apps will continuously change and new content will take its place so that each time customers come there they can see something different. Additionally Windows used research to device a landing page that contained featured content, data-driven lists and even category listings so that the user could have a comprehensive browsing experience.

Searching and browsing

Since searching is fundamental in most web interfaces, the Store has made it so that you can have a search charm in all of your apps so when you are using one of the apps all you have to do is tap on the icon and you can search away!

When you are searching for an app or for something else as you type it search suggestions will begin appearing underneath the search bar (much like the familiar Google).  Once you enter your query into the search bar you will be taken to a search results page that has everything initially sorted by relevance however you can change the search filter to your liking.

App listing pages

Learning more about the app before you purchase it is crucial so that you can make sure you’re spending your money on something that will actually be useful. These listing pages really let the apps show all – from a simple description and feature list to user ratings and even visually appealing overviews and photos.

Installing apps

When you are signed into the Windows Store all you have to do is tap on the app and it will install provided it’s free. If it’s a paid app you will have to type in your password as a confirmation for the purchase however this can be turned off as well so that a one tap purchase is enabled.

Updating apps

This is a fairly easy feature since Windows took the liberty of making sure that your updates were checked for automatically each day. If any updates are required will be notified and then you can just tap a button and all of your apps will be updated.


The new Windows Store User Experience looks amazing and it feels that Microsoft completely aimed at keeping things simple for the user while allowing app developers the ability to adequately feature their products. The new user experience at the Windows Store will definitely make consumers happy and is a big step in the right direction.

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