LG 55-inch OLED HDTV will be shown at 2012 CES Show

LG 55 Inch OLED TVRumors have been flying the entire year, claiming LG is the manufacturer of the TV inside Apple HDTV. Out of all of the big named display manufacturers, LG has the tightest relationship with Apple.

Among the products LG manufactures for Apple are the iPhone Retina Displays, iPod Touch, a few and iPad displays. In addition to these ties with Apple, a $500 investment has been sunk into LG displays by Apple in 2009. The total money invested was in exchange for an exclusive access to the 27-inch displays which are now known as Thunderbolt Displays, used for iMacs. It was only a temporary arrangement, though.

Sony, on the other hand, while manufacturing OLED’s, has no such relationship with Apple, particularly regarding displays. Finally, Samsung, a third OLED manufacturer, is battling Apple over patent infringement.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will exhibit many devices at a thickness one-half that of the iPhone 4S. The weights will come in at a measly 16.5 pounds too. Consider the additional advantages, such as infinite contrast ratio and 1,000 times the speed of LED and LCD displays, and this has to be the cream of the crop for this year. In fact, as the largest OLED set from LG, it provides a brighter picture, faster speeds, and the most realistic colors of any other.

This is, in fact, the world’s largest OLED TV, at 55 inches. Natural colors are achieved by integrating LG’s 4-color pixel and Color refiner features into the organic light-emitting diode. The price point is kept to a minimum as well, since the production process has not changed from existing standard processes.

President and CEO of LG Electronics Home, Havis Kwon, clarifies, “Our close working relationship with LG Display has permitted us to create a cutting edge product that carries all the advantages of OLED over LCD, while maintaining a low price point. We have kept the price low by utilizing existing manufacturing processes. The public should be made aware that LG is dedicated to offering this amazing technology as easily as possible for buyers.”

The selling point in LG’s OLED is the 4-Color Pixel and Color Refiner. This is an addition of white to the standard red, green, blue pixel arrangement of other displays. The color rendering is far more precise with LG. The Color Refiner calculates and renders hues and tones so that the viewing angle is more consistently expanded. The improvement is in contrast to other OLED’s that pay little attention to hue and tone degradation at greater angles, closer to the edge of viewing.

Finally, the infinite contrast ratio sets LG’s OLED TV’s apart from the pack in two significant ways. The first is by retaining details regardless of the total luminance. Both details and colors are preserved across the whole image, in original crisp clarity, regardless of how dark the picture is. Also, the speed prevents any kind of typical bleeding or blurring found in LED’s and LCD’s.

It’s slim casing only contributes to the aesthetics of your room, taking up only 4mm of space in thickness and weighing in at 7.5 kg. It almost appears to be a part of the actual wall.

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