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5 Mobile Trends from 2011

Trends ChartAs 2011 is coming to an end wrap ups and overviews of the year spring up like weeds after a rain. Here, however, we have a somewhat different look back on this eventful year and it analyzes five different trends that have arisen in the mobile industry that will carry on to the coming year.

We all know mobile has completely changed everything and with each passing year it evolves more. This year was no different. These five trends all encompass various aspects of current mobile technology and some of the figures are somewhat surprising.

1) Mobile Takes Over

You have to admit the amount of people walking around with fancy smart phones and tablet devices has risen exponentially in the past year or two. No longer do you see those tech junkies running about with their devices, now the newest phones are a status symbol and a “I can’t live without it” thing.

Not only do tons of people have mobile devices, but the vast majority of people are using them for smarter shopping and other reasons. Take a look:

-79% of people with smartphones use them to help them shop. This means comparing prices, finding a local retailer, reading reviews, and more.

-70% of people use their phones while in a store (not so surprising)

-77% of people have used their smartphones to contact a business as opposed to 61% calling and only 59% of people actually visiting the business.

2) Shopping is forever changed by mobile

By analyzing the search trends on mobile devices the industry now has a better understanding of how people utilize their phones while shopping. Not only do they understand now that people look for deals while heading to stores, but they also use them to find deals within the stores as well.

3) Mobile advertising is making more headway

Mobile ads are still in their infant stages and there is tons of room for improvements. Thankfully this year has been a more successful year for mobile marketing. With the standard usage of HTML5 and with standards such as MRAID, mobile ads are connecting better with consumers. Progress is still being made as more and more tools are being mobilized and are readily available to marketers.

4) Tablets joined Smartphones

The tablet business is booming and as more and more competition joins in against the iPad, the prices just get sweeter for the consumers. This year there was a 440% growth in web traffic via tablets and the tablets are still flying off the shelves. The popularity of tablets has only increased the amount of mobile shopping and related searches.

5) More and more businesses going mobile

As many businesses begin to think mobile first others join in when they see their success. As the mobile world continues to expand businesses are realizing the massive potential they can achieve by going mobile and marketing more through that platform.

From innovative new devices to fantastic improvements in apps and web standards, mobile technology has been highly successful this year all across the board. We can only wait anxiously for the new year to come and see what fortunes it brings us.

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