Apple’s iPads are still dominating the tablet world

Apple iPadIt is well known that Apple has some of the most loyal customers out of anyone and that, despite the seemingly overpriced cost of their devices, their devices still top charts each time they are released.

When the iPad and the iPad 2 were released they took the wireless device world by storm, amazing consumers with their innovative features, slim look, and unparalleled functionality however the iPad and iPad 2 were not without competition. Apple has had some pretty stiff competition in the tablet world, especially here within the past few months as more and more companies produced similar tablets and had cheaper prices.

Many would have thought that with the increase in competition the iPad and iPad2 would decrease in popularity but a recent study has proven that theory wrong. comScore, a global leader in analytics especially those dealing with the digital world, published some surprising figures on October 2011: 95.5% of ALL tablet web traffic from the United States came from the iPad. 95.5%!!! That complete dominance of all of their competition is unheard of, especially when the other tablets (Kindle Fire, Playbook, and others) have such similar features at a much lower cost!

The statistics regarding the iPad are staggering and unbelievable when you consider just how many tablets are out there (well over 46million). For example, the percent of ALL web browsing traffic (this includes computers, phones, tablets, and more) went up for iPad from 1% earlier this year, to over a half percent more in October of this year! While that statistic doesn’t sound impressive, you need to keep it in perspective and realize the sheer number of web browsing devices available worldwide.

Another interesting fact about iPads and iPad users is that out of all of the videos streamed to tablets from the web, 95.7% of ALL of the video hours streamed were to iPads. Could this be a sign of the superior video streaming capabilities on the iPad or just a sign that there is a massive amount of iPad owners using video streaming features? In reality it is probably both, however take a look at some more stunning figures.

Tablet OS Web Usage

These figures were compiled by John Gruber from Daring Fireball and take into account the impact the iPad has made on the tablet market worldwide:

–          The iPad makes up the majority of U.S tablet sales at a massive 83%

–          iPad takes up 68.3% of all worldwide tablet shipments

–          80% of the tablets shipped to North America are iPad’s

–          Andy Rubin (Google mobile Chief) stated that there were just over 6million Android tablets whereas Apple reported a massive 40 million tablets sold

So what can we expect in the future? According to the sheer amount of users utilizing iPads and Apple devices you can definitely expect Apple’s competition in the tablet world to step up their game. Consumers need to fear the iPad gaining total domination over the tablet world because when there is no competition there is no reduction in price or increase in innovative ideas.

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  1. Adrian Flyer

    I like Android on my Smartphone, but i dont want to have a Tablet with Android!
    I prefer Windows or Linux on a Tablet. And this is the reason why i will waiting bevor i will buy a Tablet.

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