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Google’s Top Secret Lab is Working on 100 New Projects

Google FoundersGoogle is the top search engine on the Internet and is loved by many. Not only does Google participate in multiple philanthropic events and charities, but Google consistently provides innovative products and quality content. Here recently Google has been attracting a significant amount of interest about their new research facility called Google X.

If you’ve ever wondered when there will be elevators sent into space, cars that drive themselves, robots that assist people with mundane daily activities and more futuristic ideas, then you are thinking along the lines of the engineers that are working at Google X’s top secret lab.

The Google X lab is located somewhere in the Bay Area location and is almost as mysterious as the CIA! At the lab Google is working on a list of 100 futuristic ideas to develop. Some ideas include fridges that are connected to the Internet and so it can order groceries when necessary items run low, elevators that go up into space, robots that do tasks for you, and even dinner plates that post what you’re eating on your status updates.

The list of 100 ideas is being worked on by a whole team of experts and none of them are talking. While many were interviewed they simply refused to comment any more about the list or what they were working on teasing interviewers with the fact that one project would be released at the end of the year. Unfortunately they didn’t elaborate anymore and many of Google’s employees don’t even know that the lab exists.

Google is a unique corporation in the fact that it is determined not only to continue to deliver exceptional products and services to its current consumers, but it also is working on ground-breaking innovations and researching futuristic ideas.

While this top secret lab may sounds exciting and grand to many, it has sent some doubts into investors’ minds. Google is first and foremost a corporation and it relies a lot on the money that people invest into it. Corporations have a responsibility to protect the assets of its investors and when anything ‘risky’ is put into play it can scare many people who have invested into the corporation. Google however, insists that it is properly balancing its investors interests with that of the companies own interests.

Jill Hazelbaker, a spokeswoman from Google, stated about the investments Google was making in the Google X lab:

While the possibilities are incredibly exciting, please do keep in mind that the sums involved are very small by comparison to the investments we make in our core businesses.

Google is reaching far beyond its boundaries in the Internet world. Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, spends most of his time working on “farther afield projects” and was one of the people to come up with the list of 100 ideas for the Google X list.

Truly the future is promising as those diligent workers at Google X attempt to create what many first thought impossible. We can only await eagerly for Google to reveal more about this secret lab and the devices being developed within.


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