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Google Music is now Official

Google Music AnnouncementEarlier this year in May, Google announced that it would allow consumers to upload their music collection into the cloud storage as part of the Music Beta that was being launched by Google. The upload and storage process was free for everyone and would hold up to twenty thousand songs per person. This was part of Google’s attempt to allow consumers to get used to streaming data from any device however this now has been upgraded and is known as Google Music.

Google Music will encompass a variety of different aspects such as searching, buying, sharing, and listening to music in new ways. Whether consumers upload their music into the cloud or purchase the music from Google itself, Google Music will automatically sync the entire music library to all devices. This will make it simple for users to go without those annoying connection cords they need every time they want to transfer music onto a device.

So what really sets Google Music apart from any other music portal? Well let’s take a look at some of the innovative features seen on Google Music to find out!

1)  Purchase and share your music whenever and however!

Google Music offers a mind bogglingly massive selection of tracks from a wide selection of diverse artists. This wide selection gives users an endless variety of music to purchase (at affordable prices) and enjoy! On top of that there is a lot of free music as well! If a consumer can’t find one of the tracks they want from the thirteen million Google Music offers, then they can simply download it from somewhere else and upload it to the cloud!

2) Exclusive music only seen here at Google Music!

As if Google Music needed anything more awesome than what they already have, Google has yet again gone over the top and added the icing on the cake with an exclusive selection of music not seen anywhere else (and most of it is free!) Some of which includes music from a live concert of The Rolling Stones, live recordings from Coldplay, Busta Rhymes’s new single, new music from Pearl Jam, live concert albums from Dave Matthews Band, and so much more!

3) An artist hub for upcoming and established artists!

Out of all of the features this is something truly unique that sets Google Music apart from anything else. It allows artists and even aspiring artists, to distribute their music on Google Music! Not only can they make their own page and upload the tracks, but they can also set the prices and sell directly to the listeners without having to be cut out by a middle man!


Overall opinion of Google Music

Google Music is a truly fantastic and innovative service that Google provides its consumers. Not only is a majority of the features on Google Music free, but it offers upcoming artists the ability to connect directly to their audience and market their works. As the beta phase for Google Music ends we are left with a seamless combination of music, functionality, and efficiency.

Source: GoogleBlog

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  1. Jason Gadgets

    Sounds Exciting. I expect this will also help indie artists with their you tube exposure as well

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