File Management System to be improved on Windows 8 Platform

Microsoft Windows 8Perhaps you remember when Windows Vista came out; everybody from East to West was entirely dissatisfied with the outcome. Moreover, at times it would become quite difficult to move files to Windows. This was a problematic that had been present in most of the Windows versions. This is finally about to change with the launch of the long-expected Windows 8.

Even though Windows is a lot easier to use than other operating systems, there are still a few things that can be improved. There are certain file management features that can turn quite puzzling for the user, especially if they are at a beginner level. However, this seems to come with many improvements in the latest version of the system.

According to previous studies and statistics, at least half of the tasks that users perform on Windows is related to file management. This means that they are copying, deleting, cutting or simply moving files around. This also includes renaming the files. These same studies have determined that these tasks – which are supposed to be simple in nature – tend to confuse Windows 7 users.

However, there might be some controversy among the users, since some of them believe that Windows 7 has a better performance than Windows Vista. Others say that having to deal with file management on Windows 7 can be a messy experience. There have been reports of people having trouble managing files that have the same name, but are in separate locations.

It seems to be that the main goal of Microsoft was to allow users to have Microsoft Windows 8 Conflict File Boxa better experience when dealing with files. Even though the system is already user-friendly to an extent, they wanted to take it to the next level and get rid of the possible distractions. This means that there might be certain features or pop-ups that might make it more confusing for the user. By removing them, the task becomes simplified and the user gets his stuff done quicker.

Starting with Windows 8, they also decided to have just one space where the user would be able to monitor the different copied files. This will allow them to have better control over the copy/delete tasks that they perform. At the end, it’s designed to make everything simpler for all Windows users.

One of the main changes that will be noticed right away is the dialog box. Perhaps you have noticed that when you copy files, a new box pops up. If you copy more than one file, more than one box will pop up. Well, in Windows 8 you will see only one box for all the files, meaning that everything will be consolidated.  You will also be able to stop the file from being copied, or pause it if you need to. Don’t worry, if you pause, you will have the ability of resuming the process.

Microsoft Windows 8 Copy FileAnother noticeable change is the estimated time for the copy process to complete. Certainly, you have seen how this time changes frequently; at times it will drastically change from 10 minutes to 2 hours, then back to 7 minutes. In Windows 8 you will no longer see an estimate, but rather a progress chart that will accurately tell you how much is left.

Another interesting change is the thumbnail application in file selection. This means that when you’re going to copy or more certain files, you will see a new box that makes everything clearer. It will tell you if you have more than one copy of that file, and it will also tell you its location.


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