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10 Useful Tips that you need to know before buying a Laptop

HP Compaq 6820sChoosing a laptop with great features isn’t that much easy as it seems. It is really important to know various key factors before buying any laptop. A laptop can be an expensive machine and no one will be willing to spend the cash on a poor performing laptop. We recommend you to take a closer look on the following 10 tips before choosing a laptop for yourself.

Laptop Manufacturing Company

Before buying any sort of laptop make sure about the manufacturing company. Some of the famous companies are: Dell, Compaq, Lenovo, Intel, Toshiba, Apple, HP, Acer. For gaming laptops, Alienware is one of the best manufacturing company. If you plan to buy a new laptop it is better to choose one from the above companies.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

It is highly important to keep in mind what type of processor you are going to choose for your laptop. The CPU will enable you to understand how quick your computer performs. The most important CPU manufactures are Intel and AMD, but the latest CPU processors from Intel: i3, i5 and i7 are the perfect choice for the fastest operations. You can also get satisfied with Intel Atom processors for cheaper laptops.

Amount of Random-Access Memory(RAM)

The more memory you put on your laptop, the more it increases the performance. A Laptop with at least 2 GB of installed memory is optimal for your day-by-day use.

Graphic card

The graphics memory is another factor that can speed up the functionalities of a laptop if you want to use it for gaming or designing purposes. A dedicated video card is necessary in this case and the most important video card manufacturers are ATI and Nvidia.

Laptop Screen

The screen of your laptop is also an important consideration because laptops come in various screen sizes from 12 to 17 inches. A smaller screens often appear dim in you are using it in a coffee shop or outdoor. Depending your budget, we recommend choosing the biggest screen that you can afford, but if you can’t, a 13-inches screen laptop will be enough.


  • Optical Drive: Most laptops are available with built-in optical drives in form of CD/DVD. The majority of  manufacturers offer rewritable DVD drives. But some notebooks do not offer any optical drives so you have to purchase an external CD/DVD drive to copy or get data. If you don’t want to get an external drive, you can download necessary applications using Internet.
  • Hard Drive: The hard drive is also very important in a laptop. If you want to achieve the best boot-up times you should pick up and SSD hard drive, but keep in mind that those are very expensive. For a cheaper laptop 160 GB of space will be enough for a moderate us. If you plan to work with bigger amounts of data and you need more space you must opt for a larger hard drive. Don’t forget that you can save hard drive space by writing your personal files on CD’s/DVD’s.


When you are working with a portable PC, the battery life is the key. You should be very careful to check the battery time a laptop has before buying it. It must be kept in mind that most manufacturers demonstrate an increased battery life by turning off various components like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. Also don’t forget to ask about battery extension as some of the laptops have this feature available.

Wireless Connectivity

Now laptops have built-in wireless adapters to connect to Internet or other networks. Try to choose a laptop that has the Wireless 802.11 b/g/n standards supported(802.11n is the fastest wireless network standard available) and Bluetooth available.

Number of USB ports

Most laptops have at least 2 USB ports available. You need various USB ports to enable more things done at a same time: a mouse, an USB flash memory or other things that can be connected through. The fastest USB port available is USB 3.0.


As the laptop and notebook market is growing gradually, it is difficult to calculate the price of them. There are hundreds of models and configurations that are introduced every single day. The cheapest laptops can cost as low as $250, but if you want to choose something unique, professional and powerful you can end up spending even $5000. An laptop that can handle day-by-day operations and even more has an average price between $800 and $1000.


  1. Good tips for laptop buyers. I’ll also recommend market research before buying from fancy laptop retailers.
    I believe nobody will like to pay more money for lower specification products.

  2. PC Richard & Son

    Great tips. one should follow all the tips while buying laptop .Purchase a laptop that accompany you a good warranty. This covers in case any default to your laptop..

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