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Toshiba Qosmio F755 3D Laptop will hit Stores on August 16th

Toshiba Qosmio F755 3D LaptopPresented at the CES this year, the wonderful Toshiba Qosmio – or F755 – has amazed more than just a few. Its without-glasses-3D concept is more than enough to catch the attention of consumers, and faster than expected it will be made available for sale. It’s scheduled to hit stores on August 16 in the United States at a retail price of $1,699.

This latest device by Toshiba had been announced first in the United Kingdom, where it’s known as the F750 instead of F755 and it’s also scheduled to be released in the current month.

When it comes to specifications, besides its 3D capability, the Qosmio comes with screen that measures 15 inches. The screen is certainly anything but ordinary; it comes equipped with a special system – which goes by the name of SuperD Face – that is capable of actually sensing the head movement of the person making use of the laptop. Therefore, it fine-tunes the image as the user moves; this is captured through the web-cam.

In previous testing sessions, the 3D performance of the Qosmio wasn’t as expected. Even though some of the effects were decent, for some reason the quality of the video itself had some work to be done. In comparison to some Blu-ray videos, the quality had a lot of room to improve. Since then, it’s only expected for Toshiba to have fixed this problem.

In regard to the specifications of this interesting device, you will find it come fully equipped with an Intel Core processor i7-2630QM and a powerful hard drive of 750 GB. In addition to this, the graphics are powered by Nvidia and it also counts with a memory of 6 GB. You will also find a Blu-ray RW drive for convenient use with Bluray videos. Nonetheless, what makes the Qosmio a unique and innovative piece of equipment is the fact that the user doesn’t need a pair of 3D glasses to enjoy a 3D experience.

One of the downfalls of this laptop is the fact that the SuperD Face software works best with one user at a time. However, this might not have such a big impact since laptops are mainly used by one person at a time. Keep in mind that when watching a 3D video, your eyes have to become accustomed to the image.

Toshiba Qosmio F755 DesignSince the retail price is listed as $1,699, the Qosmio isn’t exactly an affordable device. But, when compared to others in the same price range, Toshiba surely offers and delivers a lot more value for the money.

Certainly, there are several positive features in the F755, with the Blu-ray drive being one rare add-on. If this device is a success – which all seems to point out that it will – we will all witness future laptops featuring similar specs. For now, Toshiba has a few things to tweak, such as the resolution drop and video-streaming incapability.

Even though the Qosmio will be available this coming August 16, the gaming support won’t be available until November. You may purchase your F755 online at Best Buy and Newegg, or head to your local Fry’s store.


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