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Tablets are Reducing their Prices to Boost Sales

Tablet PriceAs you and millions of others have witnessed, tablets are being released like crazy. In a market saturated with different types of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptops, it becomes rather difficult for a new gadget to draw the attention of all the potential customers.

Even though there are several ways to get the attention of the target audience, perhaps the oldest and most effective way is by cutting down the price. This can come very much in handy, especially because the market’s leader happens to be Apple. Everybody knows that Apple devices – in this case, let’s refer specifically to the iPad – are not the most affordable ones. Therefore, it would be only expected to see their competitors trying to slash down the prices of their tablets and gadgets.

When taking the iPad as an example (and as a starting point of competition), competitors are looking at a price of $500 as reference. This means that they need to bring down their prices from there.

To give you a better idea on the current competition prices, Toshiba has their latest device listed at $430, HP announced that their TouchPad would be dropping the original $500 price, and Acer has the Iconia at $450. In addition, to those who are looking at even cheaper prices will be happy to learn that Vizio will be launching a very affordable tablet (which will be Android based) at only $300.

This newest tablet comes to hit Apple’s market hard. The truth is that Android has been trying to compete against Apple, but hasn’t been able to snatch the first place. They are trying their best to offer exciting features in their tablets, such as HDMI and microSD slots. Additionally, the majority of Android tablets are capable of connecting to 3G networks.

However, most of these features are present in all the tablets currently available on the market, regardless the manufacturer. Even though they strive to make a difference, there isn’t too much difference to be made. Users are capable of changing the way their interface looks, but that’s all about it.

At this point, it seems that more and more features won’t make a difference. They have to turn to the most basic decision: the price. Since most of the devices offer the same types of features, it makes sense to think that by cutting down the price, buyers will be more attracted to make the purchase.

Something similar happened with smartphones as the majority of the them come with the same type of features. This makes it harder for different manufacturers to convince the buyer to purchase their product. This has led Samsung, for example, to release an inexpensive smartphone, such as the Conquer 4G.

A market study carried out by Nielsen supports the price idea. The results show that more than half of the U.S. population (that own smartphones) believe that paying a lower price is better. Perhaps this will unveil different numbers in the next sale report about tablets.


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