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How to Install Windows 7 without Losing Previous Data

Windows 7 TipsToday we are posting for you a step by step guide to install Windows 7 without losing previous data you had on your computer. As we see each day, hundreds of people come to the computer repair shops requesting repairers to reinstall windows and keep their old files safe. This is not fair, because you can do it by yourself.

We all encounter headaches when Windows 7 crashes and you can’t do anything and reinstalling it seams to be the only solution.

Follow the instructions below

Before installing Windows, take a closer look on various methods to install. Basically, in every common computer two methods are used for installation.

  1. If your computer is working fine, you can just insert the CD/DVD  and start installing.
  2. If your previous Windows is almost dead then you can easily Install it by booting the computer with Windows 7 DVD inside.

Basic Instructions

Before starting the Installation, if you want to keep safe the files that were previously on the computer, you must do the following things:

  • First of all, save all your data in one of the partitions of your hard drive, mostly D, E, F or whatever name you have given to it. DO NOT save in partition C; as it will be used to copy the installation files.
  • Don’t forget to save the important files you have on your previous Windows Installation Driver: My Documents, Desktop and the ones from Program Files. You can copy them to the other drives and also save your archives or important files and even some of programs.

If you take this measures and copy all of your files in a different drive then the one you will install Windows, it means you are ready for the next step-Installing Windows 7.

Installing Windows 7

Check whether your computer is compatible with Windows 7 or not. It means you must have 1GB of RAM, Optical Driver in DVD-R/W, processor of at least 1GHz etc. You also must have enough space in your computer because Windows 7 need almost 16-20 GB of free space. Check whether the software drivers for your computer hardware are available or not. You may download the drivers from the Internet or even use a universal drivers CD package for collection of drivers.
Don’t forget to check if you have the original Windows 7 Installation DVD.

After all these steps are done, you can safely install Windows 7 on your computer . It is very simple, you just have to wait until the system copies all of the files and after that you will have to follow some simple steps:

  • Choose to Install a new copy of Windows 7.
  • Pick the partition you want to install(usually is C:\ ). After you click Next, the installation of Windows 7 will begin and it will take a while before the computer will ask for a Restart.
  • After the Reboot takes place, you have to enter your Name and Password and in the next screen Microsoft will ask you to enter Windows 7 Product Key.
  • Now that the Installation is almost done, Windows will ask you things about Display and Settings and you have to click Use Recommended Settings and click Next. The last step Windows 7 will ask is about Date and Time Settings. After these settings are completed Windows 7 is finally installed on your computer.

Final Words

Once the installation of Windows 7 is done, you can safely install the drives and programs you used before. After that you can also copy from the other drives, the folders that you wanted to keep safe: My Documents, Desktop, the ones from Program Files, etc.

Now that you completely installed Windows 7 and your old files stayed safe with you, enjoy Windows 7 and try to keep it safe by using an Antivirus Software and also a Firewall.

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