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Buying Phones at Full Price Might Pay Off with T-Mobile

T-Mobile LogoGood news for all T-Mobile customers: signing up for their services and paying for a new device in full now comes with new “value”, which started this past July 24. With this offer, customers will now be able to purchase a new device with unsubsidized costs or with monthly installment payments.

The cheapest Value plan starts at $39 per month with 500 minutes worth of calls and unlimited texting. Value mobile broadband plans are also available for family lines starting at $49.99 per line. Customers may also bring used phones in exchange of this exclusive offer. Upon the release of the Value plans, the plans currently offered as “Even More” plans will be known as “Classic”.

New customers with Value Plans will be capable to step up to the largest 4G network at an extremely affordable price. The offer is also valid for the latest 4G smartphones and tablet devices. The new Value Plan will be one of T-Mobile’s latest consumer-friendly offers to the existing and new consumers. To meet the increasing wireless needs of customers, the Value plan is definitely available for new and existing customers for single and/or family lines. Prices vary for air time, unlimited text, and unlimited data with choices of 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB of high-speed date.

According to T-Mobile USA marketing senior vice president John Clelland, the company is committed to making the benefits of smartphones and tablets more accessible to American consumers. For customers who simply want to enjoy the features of the Web and the latest in 4G network, there is no need to worry about having to pay skyrocket high plan bills. This Value plan has the combined features of unlimited data access, affordable plan types, and an exceptional portfolio of attractive phones.

With the debut of the new Value plans, customers can now choose from T-Mobile’s extensive list of mobile devices. With affordable and flexible terms, customers now have the liberty to choose and enjoy the different unlimited plans. In addition, they are free to choose the method of payment for their recently acquired tablets or smartphones: on installment basis or in full upon purchase.

For only $49.99 per line, two lines for the Family plan will have unlimited texting, unlimited air time, and unlimited data access with 2GB high-speed data. This surely sounds like a bargain that can’t be missed. For those who plan to purchase two brand-new mobile phones, the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide is available with the Equipment Installment Plan, allowing customers to save up to $800 in annual savings.

According to Yankee Group senior analyst, families including children, constantly communicate through social networking sites; they also stream videos, and surf the web for educational and entertainment purposes. For parents who are paying the bills, affordable plans will be a lot more attractive to them since their children will still be able to enjoy the perks of mobile broadband access. Moreover, T-Mobile will still be offering their Pay As You Go plan.


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