Apple takes the best out of their Apps

Apple App IconIt is no secret that Apple has done what no other company has been able to. Not only have they created a number one phone, but they have reinvented the way that music and apps are purchased.

However, the truth is that their developers have encountered problems along the way. There have been at least 500,000 different apps that have been created throughout Apple’s history. Some of them were banned and others were released to the public.

Not everything is negative. A clear example of a successful app is Camera+, which was created by a team led by Lisa Bettany. Reports show that the app itself had been downloaded 3 million times, perhaps even more. This has collected a total of $2.7 million dollars.

However, despite the obvious success of this app, Apple removed it from their store stating that one of its new features went against their license agreement. The developers of Camera+ had included a feature called VolumeSnap which would allow the user to snap a picture using the volume button. Apple replied that this could puzzle the user and therefore proceeded to remove the app completely.

It has been a known fact that Apple likes to keep their standards very high. This has been evidenced in the way that they handle their hardware products. They hold the number one spot for building both extraordinary hardware and software.

Taking a quick look at the different products that they have, you will see that in the mobile phone industry they are undoubtedly on top with the iPhone. In the music industry, they hold records of iPods sold – not to mention the amount of music downloaded every day via iTunes. The MacBook and MacBook Pro are the thinnest, most efficient laptops available in the market.

The interesting thing is that Apple has the luxury of refusing to enter specific markets. For example, they have stayed away from the enterprise. They have decided to stick to the consumers’ approach that goes from the bottom up.

Even though Apple had removed Bettany’s Camera+ app, they reinstated it to their store once the developers made sure to remove the special VolumeSnap feature. The developers shared that they prefer to stick with Apple and iTunes because consumers are willing to pay for her app. Therefore, they have no plans of releasing their app to other platforms such as Android.

Apple remains to be the king of the jungle so to speak, what consumers don’t know is where the great ideas come from. In a strange and rather low move, Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone would now have the ability to snap pictures using the volume button. In other words, they rejected Bettany’s idea in order to release it as one of their own.

The same thing happened with Greg Hughes and his creation of the WiFi Sync app. He was rejected by Apple, just to find out later that they had incorporated the same idea with Apple’s name on it.


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