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We made it through the 2nd year! Happy Birthday itsagadget.com

Happy BirthdayHello friends! Yesterday you probably don’t know, but our site made 2 years since its release. What this means? It means that now we are in the 3rd year of existence and more surprises will come.

Our second year was tough, but we made it through and we got some accomplishments also: New Design(blog theme + logo), Site Improvements and a fresh new Facebook account.

We never forgot about you and we started our first Giveway and even if this was a small one, we got few winners. We thank you for this and we promise that more Giveways will come in the near future(if we can).

Now when we just made 2 years we have to say that soon our editorial team will raise and this is been made just to keep you updated with the latest technology news. Because we care about our users, we want to increase our blogging frequency and this will be observed in the following weeks.

At the end we must give a big thank to all of our visitors, our collaborators and our friends for being devoted to our site and we hope we have never disappointed them by any way.

Nothing more to add today, just stay on your favourite site.

Thank you!

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