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Verizon 4G LTE is the first step to VoLTE and HD voice calls

Verizon 4G LTEVerizon, US popular wireless network carrier with 94.1 million customers at the end of Q4 2010, announced a new Internet calling service that will alow customers to make calls over its 4G data network. This started on February 15th.

Last December, Verzion has started 4G LTE service that now covers one third of US population. And its new plan for voice calls, VoLTE, enables users to make good quality sound calls over its existing 4G data network.

But, wait a minute. What’s 4G technology?

4G simply stands for the fourth generation technology which is replacing the current communication system-3G. When fully developed, 4G technology will boost the multimedia streaming, audio quality and the web experience with its 40 mega hertz max bandwidth, 100 mega bite per second data rate for mobile users and 1 giga bite per second for indoor users. Additional features of fourth generation technology are worldwide roaming over multiple networks, flawless and smooth connectivity, spectral efficiency downlink up to 3 bit s/Hz/cell for fixed or 2.25 bit s/Hz/cell for indoor usage which makes it widely accepted to active Internet users.

“Verizon’s new voice calling service will sound better than ordinary cell-phone calls,” said Marjorie Hsu, Verizon Wireless vice president of product development. It’s a high-definition, very rich sounding conversation.” “Video has been one of those unrealized things for a very long time,” Hsu added. “But if we craft a very graceful user experience, we can do video communication as well as video sharing.”

Calls over VoLTE will be carried through Verzion’s 4G networks, delivered with segregated data, called packets which gives an improved audio quality and the ability to use data services at the same time. You won’t be susceptible to interference or notice any difference while making a call with VoLTE, since the handsets will be able to hop back and forth from cellular to VoLTE networks during a voice call. Unlike services such as Skype, voice and video calls using VoLTE will be tied to the user’s phone number, not requiring any additional software – even for video calls. Text messaging will also be another feature of VoLTE.

“CDMA is not going away,” said Verizon’s executive director for ecosystem development, Brian Higgins “CDMA is an efficient form of carrying voice communication today and many years into the future.” Until 4G conquers the Internet communication throne, of course.

We’re not going to run away from the innovation that’s happening out there. We’re going to make sure we innovate it better or integrate it better on our devices than anyone else, as opposed to putting up a walled garden. With the data capabilities that the 4G LTE network is going to provide, there are opportunities to grow revenue.

Verizon Wireless says it will start rolling out VoLTE and HD voice calls to its customers in 2012, way earlier than AT&T (2013). The only short coming of Version’s new Voice over Long Term Evolution would be the price and also new modems and mobile phones for users that plan to use VoLTE.


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