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The time saving Gadget: Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sony Ericsson LiveViewLiveView is all about saving your precious time especially when you are not willing to search for your phone in an important moment. It’s a Bluetooth wristwatch with a 1.2 inch OLED display, but it is not defined properly if we call it a watch. Rather it’s a very smart accessory for all the devices running Android 2.1 or higher versions. In addition it’s also another screen to be used by the plugins which makes it more usable for different purposes.

It’s 11mm thick and it has to be attached with a strap if you want to put it on your wrist. At the bottom of the device there is a microUSB port for charging.

The basic out of the box functions of this device are: incoming call notification, SMS, Twitter and Facebook updates, displaying date and time, RSS feeds and the android stock media player control. The best function of LiveView is pretty simple, notifying incoming calls though you cannot actually answer your incoming calls, but you can set it to mute the ringer in your busy moments. You can also control the stock Android media player from this device, but your controlling ability will be limited to play, pause, skip and changing the volume. For third party apps the performance of this device is not up to the mark till now. But we can hope it will improve with firmware upgrades in the near future.

Sony Ericsson  LiveView

The little gadget has some weak spots and is still too much to use it as an everyday device and to depend on it completely. While using it, you can get disconnected several times and this may cause you to miss a number of necessary calls. The battery is also very weak which ends up in one or two days though it was announced to be lasted for 4 days. On the other hand its not even a good wrist watch too if you try to make it usable in this way. You cannot even see the time unless you enlighten the screen by pressing a button which is not very comfortable as a watch. Not only that, this device also cannot even show the time independently from its memory. Rather it synchronizes with the time and date of the phone it gets connected to every time it starts.

In conclusion Sony Ericsson LiveView it’s incomplete as a watch, but compared to the price $69 it’s a nice accessory for your phone with a good show off.  It also has some very good potential which can be perfected by fixing all the bugs in both hardware and software.


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