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Is iPhone 4 unbeatable?

iPhone 4 They say that the iPhone 4 is one of the slimmest mobile phones in the world and they wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, but what makes this so remarkable is that from many points of view it is also the best smartphone in the world. At least that is what millions of its users believe; such is the popularity of the phone that many other smartphone suppliers are feeling the pain. Does the iPhone 4 really live up to its reputation and all the hype that surrounds it? In our humble opinion we really think that it does. It is by far from being the cheapest phone on the market; in fact it is one of the more expensive smartphones, so if you are on a tight budget then it might well be out of your price range. But if you are willing to pay a little more in order to get your hands on a real quality smartphone, then you will not go wrong with Apple’s latest release. There is little doubt that Apple is a brilliant marketing company, and the reason for this is that it designs its products from both the bottom up and the top down. Apple is renowned for delivering the right product at the right time and sets a standard that many other manufacturers feel forced to follow. The original iPhone was the first phone that was both designed and marketed as a connection machine, rather than a phone with bolted on extras. A huge international effort was required to research the market, to specify the design, to develop the technology and to introduce the machine to its future users, and it worked. But Apple didn’t stop there. There were bugs to be ironed out, improvements to be made, new features such as video chat to be added, improved connectivity, new applications to be made available, battery life to be extended, the list goes on and it has all culminated in the latest version of this machine, the iPhone4. No doubt Apple will continue to develop the iPhone and we can only speculate on what the next generation will be, but until then the iPhone 4 does it all.

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