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Archos 70, a balance between features and budget

ARCHOS 70With a 7” display, ARCHOS 70 is one of the  richest Android tablet that is flooding the market for the last six months. Archos was already very matured in this market because they caught this train at the first time when the Android tablets were getting popular, but the previous models they had were something that looked cheap compared with iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This time they have broken free from the drawbacks and stepped into the flow to the future with the 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and the Android 2.2 Froyo loaded in it. Unlike last time when Archos tablets featured resistive touchscreen, this time they are using capacitive multitouch screen.

The form factor of this gadget is very attractive and we might say that in this case it beats both iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab because it’s slimmer. It’s also lighter than those who are the market leaders of the tablet market, so this time you can also call them just alternative rather than calling ‘cheap’ alternative.

You can play multiple formats of videos in HD format, game better with the 3D graphics accelerator and play almost any kind of audio format till now. There is a separate app store for this device named AppsLib store which contains about 10.000 apps till now and getting bigger gradually. The limitation to connect to the Android Marketplace is a major setback as you will not get many of your favorite Android Apps which have made Android so popular even though very recently, a hack has been out enabling you to install the marketplace in your Archos device.

ARCHOS 70 Thickness

The Archos 70 has a bunch of connectivity options you can use like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In addition to these you can use the 3G data plan of your mobile by pairing that to your Archos 70 via Bluetooth. You can even use your mobile Internet directly via a USB cable. To utilize the full out of your Wi-Fi, it has UPnP protocol giving you the power of playing your audios or videos located on you PC or laptop hard drive on your Archos over the Wi-Fi network. This device also has a TV output (HDMI) enabling to bring your wide screen videos or games on your TV.

ARCHOS 70 Back

The Archos 70 has a full-fledged office software called OfficeSuite which will let you view, create or edit all types of office documents,  spreadsheets or PowerPoint slideshows. There is also a USB port which can be used for adding a keyboard or mouse to your device other than storage devices. You can also attach your keyboard or mouse via Bluetooth other than the USB port. And yes it has the thing that makes Android fans something to be proud of, the Flash support. It’s equipped with Flash 10 and its doing well with flash webpages with its 1GHz processor.

Archos 70 Internet Tablet is available for $299 and in some places it’s also available for $275. Other than the cheap looking plastic body it’s a really good deal with an affordable price.


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