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PlayStation Phone, rumour or reality ?!

PlayStation PhoneFirst there was the PlayStation portable that managed to creep into every 10 year old’s pockets. Now, here comes the PlayStation Phone, or so they say.

When we all had the original Sony PlayStation portable (PSP) many sure wished it had call making capabilities, at least we did! Then came the PSP 3000 versions or the PSP II that had native Skype support, enabling us to make faux calls over the Internet/Wi-Fi. Now the Gods at Sony have listened our demands  and are cooking up the next gen PSP with true phone functionality! Yes, it seems to be all real and yeah you can now send your old mobile phone to recycle plant as we give you an excuse to upgrade! Here’s what we dug up.

The looks of the phone resembles the PSP-Go versions that were launched not too long ago. Under the hood is supposedly the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHZ processor, running the latest version of Google’s Android OS, and will come with 512MB ROM/RAM to boot. Judging by the leaked mages on the Internet, we are guessing that the PSP phone will probably have a multi-touch capacitive screen as the UI is similar to most touchscreen android devices. But then again, It’s just our speculation and we can never tell until the word from Sony officially surfaces. Sony would also come up with its own marketplace where you can try, buy and install a host of applications on this device.PlayStation Phone Back Camera

Now, time for some magic as we try to read your minds…is it a phone or a bird, no wait, Ahh yes, we see that, you PSP fanboy gamers, biting nails and wondering if this little gadget will let you game. Of course, it should, as the leaked images show the device to have a slide form factor that hides the 4-way joypad underneath. Since we don’t see a UMD slot on the back panel, like its predecessor, the PSP-Go, this PSP phone too should have all the games delivered digitally, thus eliminating the need for one.

Hopefully, if this is real, we should expect to get our hands on one of these by new-year or at least next year. All said and done, leave a comment below stating if you would like to own one.



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