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Choosing a Mobile Phone Handset

Mobile PhonesMobile phone handsets are getting flashier and flashier these days, with all the biggest manufacturers eager to follow the example of Apple and their iPhone with touch screens, 3G Internet access and downloadable applications. However, these handsets are also becoming harder and harder to navigate, as the very complex, new models are eclipsing the simpler and yet perfectly acceptable models that have either been available for some time or are being released in the background. Contrary to what you might think having seen only the newest smart phones, there is still a perfect phone out there for everyone.

Consider firstly what you want from your phone. Touch screens are easy for some people to use, but if you think that you’ll struggle, there’s a large amount of money shopped off the price already. Old fashioned buttons may be a little outdated, but if you find it hard to adapt to touch sensitive screens then they are probably better for you. If you’re more likely to lose a very small, slim phone, a chunkier model is probably more appropriate. On the other hand, if you travel light and need to keep your phone tucked away in a pocket, there are some very lightweight models available that you can carry with ease.

Touchscreen Mobile Phones

When it comes to the technology on the phone itself, there is little point in paying for Internet capability if you’re not going to be using the Internet. You’ll save yourself money buying an older handset with no Internet capability. If you do choose an Internet accessible phone, the latest smart phones are definitely best as they have 3G and often WiFi capability as well, meaning fast connections and download speeds. If you want a camera, many of the latest phones have high megapixel cameras that rival digital cameras in their capabilities and functions. You can also get phones that serve just as well as any mp3 player or iPod, with a huge amount of storage space for songs and albums.

These are just a few of the considerations to think about before buying a handset. No matter what you choose, always explore the market fully and make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.


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