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iPhone 4G lost, found and returned to Apple

Apple iPhone 4G leakAll begun few days ago when some photos with iPhone 4G phone leaked over the Internet. At first we couldn’t knew if there were fake or true, but few time after the shock news appeared on Gizmodo: iPhone 4G was found abandoned or lost on a bar in California atMarch 18.

Every little tech or related blog took the news and expanded through the whole world. It was very strange because Apple never leaked a device again and they have a very aggressive policy to hide their device before launching dates. But every little thing has a beginning so now thanks to an Apple employee and Gizmodo crew, who paid $5000 to get it, we have the look and some specs of what it seems to be Apple 4th generation of iPhone.

The design idea is the same, but now Apple added squared edges and metallic buttons:

  • on the left we have the volume buttons and a camera shutter key(we think).
  • on the right side is the micro-sim slot.
  • at the top of the phone we have noise cancellation mic, power button and jack port.
  • at the bottom is the mic and 2 speakers.

Screen is a little than the previous model, 3GS, but with higher resolution. In the top side of the display, near the earpiece now takes place a video chat camera and on the back the performances were improved by adding LED flash. Also the back has now a plastic cover for better signal reception.
For the internal components Gizmodo reported that there are very fit and the battery is bigger than previous phones.

Now let’s get back to the saga – After seeing that the iPhone was lost, Apple immediately blocked it and now, days after they reclaimed it by sending an email to one of Gizmodo editors.

It’s interesting to see if Steve Jobs or Apple will issue a press release about this subject or more likely we’ll see in summer if this is the real or the fake 4th generation of iPhone.

iPhone 4G left sideiPhone 4G right sideApple Claim letter



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