Internet Explorer 9 tries to overcome Mozilla

IE vs MozillaMicrosoft wants again to win a battle against Mozilla Firefox and it seems Internet Explorer 9 is set to go. The announcement has been made during MIX 2010 which take place at Las Vegas during 15 and 17 of March.

Internet Explorer is one of the browsers that we all had to use some day when we didn’t knew we had another alternative to browse the Internet. In modern days IE browser is used just to browse towards Mozilla site and get Firefox browser. Statistics say that, we don’t. 🙂

At the beginning Microsoft didn’t understood Firefox success, but lately Bill Gates boys seemed to use their brains a little more and find a solution. Internet Explorer 9 uses some of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome secrets. How cool is that? Is not, really.

From Microsoft page about this latest invention we find out that Speed, HTML5 and Graphic are the new words for IE9 engine.

It seams Microsoft joined HTML standards in August 2009 and start to send his specialists on World Wide Web meetings. The idea behind HTML standards is to get an alternative on those kind of sites that told us “You should use Internet Explorer in order to see this page”. So soon we will be able to see this kind of sites even if we use Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

A faster Javascript, CSS3 and Direct 2D technology seems to be the Microsoft’s all-in bets that they will make a browser faster enough to battle the usual ones.

A fail example from previous version of Internet Explorer( 8 ) can be seen in the following picture. The browser itself got the FAIL tag written(from acidtest), so we didn’t modified anything.


The preview of the Beta version can be downloaded from Microsoft website, but be careful, who knows. The browser works only on Vista or 7 systems so don’t bother to try to install it on XP. If you are angry on Microsoft, you can buy a T-shirt from this address and support the community.

Internet Explorer 9 PreviewWe will try to keep you updated as soon as we find out more about this new browser because now this thing is not ready for surfing.


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