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LG GW300, a QWERTY way

Lg GW300Announced last year in August, GW300 is a new concept made by LG electronics and a new way to capture these days market.

It may seem to look like a BlackBerry, but it isn’t because the phone lacks 3G, Wi-Fi and doesn’t offer other social networks than Facebook.

Weighting 95 grams the phone comes with a display having 256.000 colors and 2.4-inches, still this is not the main feature(we think).

The QWERTY keyboard is a must these days and as many mobile phone producers LG saw an income chance. This GW300 model comes with a 4 row keyboard similar to a BlackBerry phone.

Between the Display and the QWERTY keyboard there are 6 buttons(including Call and End Call) and the D-pad.

On the right side of the phone is situated the camera shutter key while on the left we find the volume keys and the microSD card slot(supports up to 16GB). Both side buttons are protected and covered by a plastic lid. At the top of the phone there’s a 3.5 mm and microUSB port.

A 2 megapixel camera is on the back of the phone, but is unimpressive without flash and autofocus. Also on the back, under the case is the 900mAh battery which will hold you up 5 h in talk time and up to 400 h in standby time.

We can’t make much noise about connectivity features, because the phone offers you just GPRS, Bluetooth 2.1. Radio FM is available, messaging seems nice and simple, but the phone will not exceed user expectations.

LG GW300 is available worldwide since October 2009 at an estimated price of $130.



  1. How Did You get the facebook app on this phone as mine didn’t come with it installed!

    • The phone has Facebook app included, but I’ve heard as you said that at some of the terminals lacks. We don’t know why, maybe is the fault of the company that sells it.
      Try to write a mail to LG and tell them more about this issue, they should know it better how to solve it.
      Good luck!

      • yo bro… i bought mt lg 300 last week,,, but after a day,,, it suddenly restart by himself…. and does not support 4gb only it can read 2gb… hope u can help me,,

        this is my first phone on my first salary..

  2. Lol, Thanks, I Contacted LG The other Day and this is what they said…

    Unfortunately LG do not make or support applications. There are ways to download apps, however I would be unable to advise you as downloading apps can invalidate your warranty.

    I’m sorry I cannot be of further assistance.

    looks Like its a Computer Auto Message System
    very annoying!! its Also strange that when you click support and type in GW300 it doesn’t recognize it however it does with the GW520

    Looks Like the Missing Facebook app will remain a Mystery.



  3. hey, does anyone here know where to get the “facebook application?”..i’ve been looking at games and applications(but its not there)..they said that its the main highlight in this phone but why its not installed already…

    • Yes, they say the app is in the menu of the phone, but some of you reported that it is missing.
      I suggest that you should take the phone and go to the store whom you purchased it.
      Maybe they will upgrade your software and this new update will contain the facebook application.
      Good luck!

  4. KKanonymous[;

    i have the facebook app dont know why its missing in yours but i think the LG GW300 is awesome.

  5. I just bought the gw300-( Mine is actually an LG900. Seems to be the same phone as Lg gw300. I like it it! It downloads games like nothing! Thanks, LG

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