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Lockerz or the chance to win a Gadget

Lockerz is an invitation only website created by the founders of amazon which claims to recompense users for their activity.

It claims to be an activity site, where users will make several actions and they will be rewarded with PTZ. PTZ is the monetary unit used on site: either you login, play, answer questions, watch videos and so on you’ll get rewarded. You can redeem the PTZ points and get: T-shirts, Laptops, PS3, Xbox360, DVD’s, iPod’s, Digital Cameras and much more.

The site is now only in Beta version, so you can make PTZ just by logging in and answer the daily question. Sending an invitation to a friend will also bring you 2 PTZ and if you gain at least 20 friends by this method, you’ll become a Z-Lister. What Z-Lister means?

It’s a tight community of in-the-know Lockerz members who get first dibs on the hottest brands and exclusive access to VIP experiences, videos, music and games – all in one place. Since you are a Z-Lister you receive double the PTZ, VIP Shopping, and you get a Free Lockerz T-Shirt!

So after all what is the point with this site, PTZ and invites?

We’ve partnered with thousands of the best brands and stores to bring you the latest and greatest in every category – electronics, designer gear, stylish accessories, sports equipment and more. Members will soon be able to purchase digital assets such as music, videos, art, and decals.

We wrote a mail to Lockerz guys saying that we want their accept so we can make a review, but till now we didn’t receive any response yet. We registered an account and now we wait to make PTZ so we can redeem into prizes. We don’t know yet if Lockerz is a spam or not, but we saw on youtube unboxing videos of items that several users had received from Lockerz.

If you want to get invited inside Lockerz please post a comment including your email and we will send you an invitation as soon as possible.

Good luck earning PTZ!

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