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Sprint presents Samsung Moment

samsung_momentSamsung Moment is the newest model released by Sprint Usa(T-Mobile division) which features Google Android and a full QWERY sliding keyboard. It seems Google catches more and more phones with his new Android operating system and Samsung is not the first or the last operator that will start to use it.

The new Samsung device comes with a 3.2 inch Amoled touch-screen with proximity sensor and accelerometer. Under it there are the following usual buttons, Home, Menu, Back, Call, End Call and an optical pad right in the center.

Sliding the phone to the right side will unveil the full QWERTY keyboard. Same as N97, keys seem very easy to type on and ergonomic. You have function key and a special row for the numeric ones as a bonus.

At the back is an usual 3.2 megapixel camera having autofocus and LED flash and on the bottom side is double grill for loudspeaker. The smartphone’s connectivity options available are: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, microUSB, but this is not the impressive stuff.samsung_moment_back

What makes the Moment worth his money is the 800 Mhz Arm11 processor and Android based operating system. The internal memory can be extended up to 32Gb, but we currently can’t tell you anything about the user interface, browser functions or supported applications. We only now it supports usual apps such as: Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, Youtube and further more from Android Market.

The phone is available in US stores starting from 180$.


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