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Apple’s iPhone 3.0 new Software

iphone_301I know I may not be the first to talk about iPhone’s 3.0 OS, but is fair for the
users to check and see reviews about it. As Apple used us there are a lot of surprises(100 new features) and a lot of cool things about thie new “wonder”. So let’s start it!

This update will be released during this summer for iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS models.

First of all my favorite new feature is the landscape keyboard which now can be used in all applications.

Stereo Bluetooth is present as this version same as it was on 3G one, but not on the classic one(sorry), so you can where your iPhone and listen to music without wires.

Text messages can now be deleted in a chat thread and for the multimedia users I have a bad news, this version will also not support MMS, as previous ones.

One cool feature is the Gps Real-time turn-by-turn directions, but you can’t use Google Maps as  you inflict license problems so you will be forced to use developers maps.

Advanced Search is now possible with a single with a single swipe of a finger from left to right in the main menu.  Is a cool feature because you search through all phone.

Peer to peer networking is activated through Bluetooth to connect 2 users together, that can play or use same applications each time.

There are other good features such as: voice memo,  stocks(market), flash support, In-app purchases, native voice dialing and so on.

I presented here some of the new features of this 3.0 version Software, but Apple say that there are more to come as soon as this version hits the market…

We will discover this together next months.

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