Endless – A smart desktop designed for the developing world

Endless Smart DesktopAround 5 billion people don’t have computers, a majority of the world. Endless was born from a thought on a trip to India, that a smart phone’s processor could run a desktop operating system. Smart phone processors are inexpensive and mobile. Using the mobile capabilities, Endless will enable anyone with access to a television to have a desktop PC to use.

The project is well thought out. The OS comes with pre-packaged apps that don’t require the internet to be used. For areas without a reliable internet service (Or with no internet at all.), the desktop can still be used. An app service will allow users to download apps in a click. The apps that come with the OS include topics like games, health, recipes, farming, healthy teeth, home how-to’s and others. Educational apps are also available with the device, such as Wikipedia, Khan Academy, academic curricula and educational games.

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Microsoft and Yahoo renew their search partnership

Microsoft and YahooMicrosoft and Yahoo have updated their partnership in regards to search and advertising. This could work out well for Yahoo, who will now be able to run their own ads on desktop and mobile searches. Previously, Yahoo was required to pull 100% of its traffic from Bing marketplace ads. Now, Yahoo are required a majority of 51% of monetized ads to come from Bing. Also in the deal, Yahoo’s desktop search will be powered by Microsoft’s search algorithm.

The roles of the partnership have changed. Yahoo is no longer in charge of the sales relationship of Bing search ads, with Microsoft taking control. Previous to the original deal in 2009, Bing’s search ads weren’t doing so well compared to Yahoo’s or Google’s ads.

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The European Commission investigates Google over antitrust laws

GoogleGoogle’s Android mobile OS comes with a wide range of phones across Europe, and it now has the European Commission investigating it on claims of unfair app bundling. There are apps that commonly come with Android OS phones, such as YouTube, Maps and Chrome, and this could find Google in breach of antitrust laws. The claim is their pre-install apps give the company an unfair advantage with consumer products.

The European Commission has previously looked into Google’s privacy policies. It has questioned whether Google’s market share of the mobile industry hampers development and research into apps and mobile development.

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Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent close to a merger

Nokia HeadquartersNokia was once the biggest mobile phone company in the world, now it’s looking like merging with Alcatel-Lucent to form a communications hardware manufacturer to take on the Chinese giant Huwei.

A merger between Nokia and Alcatel Lucent would bring that company to over take Huwei at number two. Communications and mobile phone hardware is an interesting industry, as the research and development costs are high and consumers expect an affordable high-tech product.

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The music is all around – Envelop’s 3D audio system

  • 12/04/2015 at 21:23 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Envelop 3D Audio SystemEver sat on a bus, completely immersed in your headphones, with music taking over your senses? It’s an experience, being consumed by music so much the world disappears. Envelop is a project from San Francisco that aims to make music 3D using a 28 speaker system. Rather than using the speakers to blast music at the listener, the system is aimed to give a musical experience that transcend stereo.

Stereo is music done in 2D. Surround sound has existed for many years, but it’s rare for an artist to take advantage of the extra speakers to create a soundscape. Envelop plans to be a sound platform that gives the listener the ability to experience music in a way unlike other systems.

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Meet Rocketbook, the Microwavable Notebook that save notes in the Cloud

Rocketbook NotebookUsing a pen to do a quick drawing is a lot easier than using a mouse or finger on a touch screen. A project worth knowing about for those who want to be able to digitize is the Rocketbook, currently an Indiegogo campaign.

The Rocketbook is a digitized notebook that allows users to write as they would on paper. Two sizes are available, a standard 8 ½ x 11 inches, 50 sheet version or the Rocketbook executive, which is 5.8 x 8.3 inches containing 70 sheets.

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Better Than A Laptop Yet? Meet the new Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3

Previous version of Microsoft’s Surface have existed within the world of tablets, but always been there making up numbers. Not much stood out for the Surface, as it had a tuned down version of Windows (RT.), and the app store didn’t compare to that of Apple iOS or Android. What users of tablets have wanted is the ability to be rid of a laptop, to not feel as if what they have in their hands is a toy.

Users of tablets want to be able have a similar experience as they do on a laptop, plain and simple. So, Microsoft worked out how to put a full 64-bit Windows 8.1 into the 3rd generation of Surface devices. Also promised is a future upgrade to Windows 10 (Which is to be available as a free upgrade to any Windows 8.1 user.), which as a user of the Technical Preview I can say it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

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